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Why Take A DAN Course?

Consider this for a moment: diving takes us to some exciting and exotic locations, locations so breath-taking we return to them time and time again. Each of us has so many wonderful stories to tell about these dream-like destinations. Have you ever noticed how many medical facilities are in these areas? Or considered the possibility of a lengthy evacuation to a medical facility equipped to assist a divers needs?

You may have done a first aid course at some point in your life, but when you did this course, did your instructor not suggest that you could preserve or save a life while you wait for emergency services to take over? Having this knowledge could save a life and this in an area where medical facilities are not readily available. So if it makes sense to take a course that could save a friend, loved one or even a stranger in a city area with numerous medical facilities, then surely it makes sense to take a DAN course that could save your loved one, or friend when diving in remote locations, with limited medical assistance? DAN has a wonderful reputation in being able to get access to many of these difficult or remote locations, but have you ever pondered how long this process could be? Someone could survive or at least be relieved of pain due to your quick-thinking and knowledge that you have received from doing DAN courses.

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A lot of us like to claim we are safe divers, but have we really considered every possibility when diving in remote locations, or do we rely purely on good diving skills?. Even during entry-level courses, we are taught that these injuries can happen to anyone, so don't hesitate, get in touch with one of East Rand SCUBA's DAN Instructors today and take the next step to being a safer, better diver.

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